stay pretty, save money, and get a free bag!

A couple of weeks ago my friend Charlie had a cute bag with her at work.  Of course I asked her where she found it and she told me Sally Beauty Supply, and that it was free.  Uhhh wha?    She had signed up for their beauty club for $5 and received an instant discount and the free bag.   I had to get in on this.

I’ve driven past Sally Beauty in Latham Farms a million times but always assumed it was for salon owners, I totally thought I needed a VIP salon pass or something to go buy stuff there.  Nope!

I stopped in over the weekend and this place has so much great stuff.   From straighteners and coloring supplies to makeup and shampoos, polishes, skin care, extensions…seriously everything beauty.

I grabbed all this (SPF moisturizing lotion, firming lotion, tea tree lavender shampoo, travel makeup brushes, 2 nail art thin brushes and polish, magnetic polish and some thin non latex rubber gloves for sparkling) for I think about $70.

That price was after I had signed up for their Beauty Club (for $5) all of the savings terms and discounts can be found here.  Oh, and I got a free bag, this was the only one they had left but I’ll totally use this for the beach:

I wonder where else I can go to save some $$?

Oh, and I used some of those nail art brushes and polish to attempt (I stress attempt) a cute nail polish thing.  Watermelon nails.  Amazing?  No…but a good first try:

flip flops – no bueno

We wandered down to the city yesterday, it was absolutely gorgeous out. When manfriend or I usually go to the city it’s for work or drinking to see friends quick. Because kiddo joined us we got to do everything !

Wandered around the Central Park Zoo


Went to museums, saw every inch of the Natural History Museum. Hung out under the whale :


While taking pics of random things, I noticed I tend to also get some amazing pics of strangers :



I also selected awful footwear. I’ve worn flip flops all over the city before, yesterday it destroyed my feet


Sidenote, totally obsessed with this mint sprint Sally Hansen polish. I’m green obsessed !


i miss makeup

My face seriously feels naked.  Well, it hurts and feels naked.   I woke up on Monday with swollen eyelids.   It looked like a baby had punched me in each eye.    Figured it was probably best to steer clear of makeup in general, so I embraced my lazy side and went all out.   No makeup, hoody, I definitely got some funny looks at the office:

I figured if I took it easy my eyes wouldn’t be all puffy on Tuesday.  Wrong.  They were swollen, red, and dry. Score!  Went makeup free again, felt all naked.     Woke up this morning and while they’re better…they’re still kind of swollen and dry.    I don’t mind going makeup free in front of co-workers, I work on the radio, no one sees me.   But today I’ve got tons of meetings and I definitely look like a hot mess sans makeup.    Do you feel naked without makeup?  Am I the only one who has that bizarre feeling?

my belated present to me

I cannot believe it’s April already.   I feel like I’ve been moving nonstop since the beginning of the year.   Right before Christmas I mentioned I wanted to gift myself a little something.   I decided pretty quickly I wanted the Naked palette but didn’t have time to get to Sephora until this past weekend.   Yea, yea I know I could’ve ordered it online but I wanted to compare the Naked and Naked2 palettes side by side.   Naked won for me.

When I was out and about on my late shopping excursion I was drawn to the hat section of a store because  I’m easily distracted it’s never too early to get ready for Saratoga.  I fell in love with this fascinator.   I wish I was British and had a reason to wear it.

Until I find a reason to sport UK headpieces in the office I’ll have to settle for the topknot.  I’m obsessed with wearing the big ass bun lately (with a bright orange flower.)

Here’s my little bun secret, this $5 gem:

This thing rules.   Basically you take a ponytail.  Take this spongy thing and slide it to the end of the pony (like end of your hair) and then wrap the ends around it and roll the hair and the sponge to your scalp.  Voila…perfect bun.   Don’t wanna drop $5?   A scrunchie will also do the trick.


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